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Translation and Multilingual Video Platform | Full voice cloning and lip sync video avatar

videoAvatar TranslationVideoVoice
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Take doubt out of online purchases. Digital humans represent your brand online, communicating with customers in real time.

Customer Service Avatar
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With Frankly, your team can confidently and securely tap into the vast potential of large language modules and generative AI like ChatGPT through Microsoft Teams.

Chat NZ
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Secure, automated AI solutions for every stage of research – Yabble is the leading AI solution for insights.

Market Research NZ
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Prosaic uses Open AI GPT to find eligible expenses, then estimates your GST and income tax credits.

Accounting Early Stage
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The Sea Freight Intelligence Platform - empowers you to operationalise your data, going far beyond visibility.

B2B Early State
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Photo selection & filtering – powered by smart tech and designed from the ground up for professional photographers.

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API for OCR, extract data from scanned invoices and receipts.

APIAccounting image
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APIs to automate data transcription and data entry.

Automation Named Entity RecognitionAPIExtraction
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Scanning technology to improve your orchards yield and optimise labour.

HardwareImage Primary IndustriesVerticalDataObject detection
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HeartLab: The Heart of Cardiac Imaging. Browser based system supporting clinicians with fast cardiology reporting.

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Trustworthy answers to all of your customer questions - Feedback analytics platform

AnalyticsCustomer Service
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Digital People - create custom, interactive AI avatars for marketing, content, customer service, onboarding<

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AI for brain surgery | Surgical navigation technology.

Medical BiomedicalEarly Stage
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Identify qualified leads and pair them with their ideal homes.

Search Real EstateB2BSalesSearchToolDescriptions
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Cropsy Technologies

AI-driven vineyard monitoring | early detection of pests and diseases, manage crop loss, estimate yield, precision replanting

Primary IndustriesVertical viticultureearly stage
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Complete Civil Engineering workflow for Land Development | Investigation, Design, Construction Management and Compliance platform

Civil EngineeringVertical LLM
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Preventive Healthcare: Cardiovascular risk screening.

Health NZ
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Technology for Ecommerce websites, so customers can at home use their phones camera to get shoe size recommendations.

Retail EcommerceComputer VisionVertical
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At Astronort, we understand the weight of CEO responsibilities. Our AI-driven decision intelligence solution is designed to not only address strategic needs but to empower CEOs.

SAAS Data - strategic thinking
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Saving the worlds rarest dolphin with technology | AI object detection model from aerial footage.

Hardware DroneImageMarineObject detectionSustainabilty
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Platform to measure, monitor and monetise carbon removal from forestry

GeospatialSustainabilty PlatformCarbonGIS
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Cattle-monitoring ear tag for advance farm and herd management

Hardware Primary IndustriesVerticalData
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AI for rostering | Scheduling | generating automatic roster solutions for the healthcare industry

SAAS HealthcareOperationsB2BHorizontalManagement
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Natural Language Processing based trademark productivity suite

Legal trademarkcopywriteNLPsearch
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Auror connects retail camera networks for law enforcement to prevent crime, reduce retail loss.

GovtechIntelligence Computer visionImageVideoCCTV
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AI code testing | Generate Test Cases Using AI

Code LLMTesting
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Health & safety coach. inviol can reduce the risk of injury by continuously coaching teams to follow health & safety best practices without invading personal privacy.

Heavy Industries Health & safetyObject detection
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Law Cyborg

ChatGPT for NZ Tax Law

Accounting TaxChatResearch
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Nail compliance and scale advisory, AI platform & assitant for accountants and bookkeepers.

Accounting SAASVertical
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Elevate Your Job Search With AI.

USA HRRecruitment
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Quantiful helps retailers reduce working capital by predicting consumer demand.

Retail SAASanalytics
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Create & Trade AI Agents on the blockchain.

agents NFT
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Private ChatGPT for Business

Enterpirse EnterpirseB2BChat
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Platform for geospatial image data - GeoAI

GIS GeospatialHorizontal
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Voice recording, knowledge capture for frontline staff in manufacturing & utilities, capture knowledge, recognition, translation, classification.

Audio Named Entity RecognitionNLP
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Clinically validated, AI-powered software for personalized screening and early detection of breast cancer.

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Easily and securely automate painful back office tasks. Give teams time back to spend on higher value work with AI assistants.

Automation Agents
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Create property descriptions and flyers

Real Estate LLMAutomation
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AI-driven health & safety

Health & safetyVideo DataVideo Monitoring
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Website live chat - Scale customer service operations with AI powered workers.

Customer Service
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Boost your company’s workflow and unlock the full potential of AI-driven content generation

B2B Early State
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Using artificial intelligence to accelerate wildlife conservation

Sustainabilty VideoConservation
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Reimagining how enterprises interact with their data, securely integrating with advanced generative AI models to transform your private data and documents into a true strategic advantage.

Enterprise Saas NZ
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AI-Driven insights for Creators in just a few clicks. Dive deeper than ever into your comment section to find insights like never before.

Media Data mining
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Futureverse’s comprehensive technology platform empowers developers to create the worlds they imagine.

Media GamingVRMeta
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Modern computational chemistry

Deep Tech LLMchemistrySoftware
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AI powered accounting risk scores for organizations across the globe. It can identify corporate accounting manipulation before the market.

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AI to bring your university a best in class student experience.

Education Virtual AssistantSearch
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Building Estimates

Construction Estimates


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We build AI tools businesses love and trust.

Agency Christchurch Based
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AI strategy, implementation & training

Consulting Strategy
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Our passion is applying imagination to information, revealing insights, solving problems & creating new opportunities

AgencyData Analytics
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Experts in text search, summarisation and building recommendation systems.

Agency Auckland BasedCustom solutions
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Generative AI Experiences for Enterprises

AgencyEnterprise LLM
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Streamline your business with AI powered solutions

Agency Automation
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Aware Group

We are Aware. A trusted enterprise partner to guide and direct the use of artificial intelligence, modern data platforms and cloud data technology.

Agency Enterprise AI Agency
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We do the complicated tech stuff you know nothing about

Agency Agency
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Agency helping government agencies build AI solutions.

Govtech Wellington
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Insite AI

Platform for large consumer brands to predict the needs of their customers, improve category performance, accelerate growth, and outpace the competition.

Agency AgencyMarketingRetail Analytics
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Unleash the Power of AI to Boost Profits & Productivity

Automation ProductivityAgency
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Automation technology to handle routine, repetitive, or monotonous tasks.

Automation LLM
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AI strategy and insights. Tracking emerging tech, the accelerating future and helping organisations make sense of it all.

Agency NewsletterStrategyConsulting
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We help businesses and governments apply AI and other advanced technologies for good.

Agency AgencyConsulting
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We accelerate innovation through low-code + AI driven software development, producing custom web, mobile and AI applications.

Agency Agency
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NewZealand AI

Workshops and advice to help Kiwi companies leverage AI.

Consulting CoachingWorkshops

Community / Other

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AI Forum

Our purpose is to advance Artificial Intelligence awareness, understanding and capabilities in New Zealand for the benefit of all Kiwis.

Community ThinktankEventsReports
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AI Researchers

Artificial Intelligence Researchers Association

Community Research
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Nelson based AI venture studio.

VC Research
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NewZealand AI

Workshops and advice to help Kiwi companies leverage AI.

Consulting CoachingWorkshops

AI Enabled Businesses

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Discover top-tier, vetted, interview-ready candidates, delivered straight to your inbox in under a week. No longer will you have to choose between speed and quality. With Empathix, you get both.

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Matter studio

AI-First product photography | Creative studio integrating gen ai technology for photography

Image PhotographyMarketingService
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Marketplace for business's to sell their waste

Sustainabilty WasteMarketPlaceRecycleB2B to be added to the list / sponsorship / media inquires